Surat olive oil with lycopene

Surat extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lycopene. Olive oil Arbequina and Cornezuelo with Lycopene extracted from ripe tomatoes, cultivated in the open air. Spanish Olive Oil. Glass bottle 250 ml. Minimum order 12 bottles.

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Surat Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lycopene

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cornezuelo and Arbequina) with Lycopene: extracted from ripe “ pear” tomatoes, cultivated in the open air where the quantity of lycopene is 10 times higher than those of salad.

Extraction method: The product is obtained through a method patented by the University of Extremadura, extracted through the oil by a fluid-mechanical procedure that is 100% natural.

Format: Glass bottle 250 ml.

Aroma: Reminds us of ripe tomato and dried fruits like walnut and pistachio.

Taste: Very smooth and delicate in the mouth with evident hints of tomato but without the characteristic acidity of some tomatoes

Marriages: Highly recommended to season pasta salads or combined with rice or finishing touch for canapés and to give cheeses those touches of ripe tomatoes from the plot or include it in desserts like brioche and pastries.



Lycopene is a very potent natural antioxidant that belongs to the family of carotenoids that gives that characteristic red colour to tomatoes, water melons and, in lesser quantities, to other fruits and vegetables.

It has properties that are very benefcial for our health as it acts by protecting the organisms oxidative stress cells. When eating vegetables human beings take advantage of just 5% de lycopene, associated with oil it is 90% digestible.


Lycopene consumption Health Benefits

Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the benefcial effects of lycopene on our health:

• Notably reducing the incidences of cancerous pathologies, above all: lung, colon, digestive

  tract and especially prostrate.

• Reduces the levels of cholesterol, lowering the possibilities of suffering cardiovascular illnesses

• Prevents the macular degeneration syndrome, principal cause of blindness in elderly people

• Prevents infertility problems improving the quantity and quality of sperm

• Delays the signs of aging.

• Has anti-inflammatory properties.

• Strengthens the immunological system.




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